Brand Launch

Why brand? ‘Branding’ used to be a word owned by designers and ad agencies, now everyone uses the term. People know the word, but it’s a lot more complex than simply ‘having a brand’ or ‘promoting a brand’. Why brand at all? What is the real purpose of branding anything?

For this project, we we assigned to dig deep into what makes a brand and how to express that to an audience. We then had to create our own brand for a fictitious company. Our brand was to be authentic, of the time and resonate with a core consumer target.

Step by Step

  • Determine the product Category: Industry -> Category -> specialty
  • Identify the existing brands in that specialty and their specialty statement (DSI)
  • Craft a DSI for your brand that takes into account the current zeitgeist
  • Develop branding guides and design assets
  • Build out one touch point in physical form, i.e. interactive demo, vision demo, book, packaging

Here are the brand guidelines and Brand Look Book I made for my fictitious brand; Boken. A adventure DSLR camera.

Brand Guidelines


Brand Look Book