Breck Film

For a little over 7 months, I was a design intern for Breck Film. I worked with a team to create promotional material for their 2021 summer drive-in event from March to May, which can be found on another page (Here). However, over the summer I was their primary design intern from June to October. During this time, I learned a lot of valuable skills about working in the field of design and worked on a lot of great projects for their 2021 Film Fest. While also working on their rebrand for their newly acquired movie theater, The Eclipse.

The Eclipse Theater Rebrand

History (Click Here)

For this project I was in charge of creating a logo for their new movie theater, The Eclipse. The final logo that was created is what you see above but it went through many iterations before it got there. When I first started this project I did lots of research into the theater, Breck Film, the town and history of Breckenridge, CO. After completing my research I then started sketching as many logo ideas as I could. I knew the name was going to be The Eclipse, so I created mood boards and sketched my ideas for logos as well as sketched out some logo ideas for what they were thinking. That way they had many choices to choose from. 

Besides the sketches I also created low fidelity versions of the logos so they could get a feeling of what they would look like as a digital logo. The logos were reviewed by a board. After which, it was determined that they wanted to go with a wordmark logo. 

As I worked on refining the logo it all came down to finding the perfect font and color palette. The goal of the font was to have a sexy, sophisticated, slim feeling while also showing the history of being a speakeasy. 

After many typography iterations, the final logo was narrowed down to 3 final choices, which you can see to the right. A panel of board members voted on the winner. Once chosen, I made final tweaks and kerning adjustments to create the final logo.

The final thing I was in charge of making for this rebrand was a promotional motion graphic. This graphic reveals the logo in a creative way while also giving the viewer background information on the location of the theater.

All elements in motion graphic were created by me in Photoshop and After Effects. The town of Breckenridge was created in photoshop by digitally drawing it. Motion and eclipse was created in after effects.

Breck Film Fest 2021

Other than the Eclipse rebrand, I was in charge of making multiple graphics for Breck Films 2021 Film Fest. Each week I would have a meeting with Breck Films head of Marketing, Ashley Hughes, to go over what has been created so far, edits that needed to be made, and new projects. Since this years Film Fest celebrated Breck Films 40th anniversary, most projects I worked on had a theme of Breck Film through history or Breck Film over time. Here are the projects I worked on.

History Timeline

Objective – Create a timeline of Breck Film History intertwined with world history to show what was happening at Breck Film at the same time as other events in history. Follow Breck Film style guide. Final was printed in a large scale format to be hung on a wall at The Eclipse theater. 

History Postcard

Objective – Create a creative promotional postcard that uses some events from the timeline and promotes the 2021 Film Fest for its 40th anniversary. 

Film Slides

Objective – Create an intro slide for every film block at the festival to be played before the film. Introduces the film and who is sponsoring that film. The image to the right is the template I created to be used for each slide.

Overall, created 32 film slides to be played before film.

Animation Slide

Objective – Create a 40th anniversary animation to be played before every film at the film fest. 


Objective – Design what the 40th Anniversary t-shirt will look like. Research and get quotes from different printing companies to find the best option. Once finalized place the order with the company that has the best price for the best quality.

Intermission Reel

Objective – Create an intermission Reel to be played while people are finding their seats. Included information people may want to know about the fest and thank everyone who helped.

Table Cards

Objective – Create small 4×6 graphics to be placed on tables at events. They should thank party host and sponsor.

On the right are just two of the table cards that were created. 

Promotional Video

Objective – Create a promotional video using footage and photos from the festival. Show why filmmakers should choose Breck Film Fest.

2021 Film Fest Photos

During the 2021 Film Fest, I was in charge of capturing photos from the event. Here are some of those photos.