Transition into Online Learning

Back in March when my college experience took a sharp turn from in person classes to online learning, everything kind of seemed up in the air. COVID-19 has affected a lot of people and has changed the way most of us do things. The world, for me, seemed to slow down yet still be hectic. The way we did classes changed as we could no longer do assignments that required in person interactions. Everything had to be online and that took a while to get used too.
Now it has been about 6 months since transitioning to full online learning and it has been a journey. I was lucky enough to have my part time job reopen, which allowed me to work outside in a safe open environment. This also allowed me to get some in person social time, which was much needed after being stuck at home only interacting through zoom calls.
School on the other hand has been an interesting journey. Before being online I took almost all of my classes in person with a maximum of one online class. So, when they all became online it took a while to get used to and made me realize that I loved in person classes. The social interactions and the in person help are the two biggest things I miss, as I feel like they get lost in online learning or at least become harder to do. To me it just feels like the whole college experience is lost when you are fully online.
The transition has also been a mental battle for me as you have to become way more self motivated. I tend to overthink things and get stressed out over the smallest of things. So, I have been trying to stay positive, remind myself to try my best, and if I fail at one small thing, it is not the end of the world. One thing that has worked well with my transition to online is that we live in a day and age where most things can be done in an online environment. Things can easily be accomplished and shared just by using your laptop or cell phone. It has also given me more time to learn new things, as I no longer have to take an hour long commute to get to classes.
So even though there were some difficulties with transitioning to full online learning, I believe that it still worked out well. However, what I think I could improve upon is my mental mindset. I have a good support system all around me that really helps me with this but I just have to remember to stay positive. The world is constantly changing and evolving, and no matter how hard or challenging your day is, just remember that every day is a new day that could be better than the last.

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