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What do you consider to be your medium, style, and services of choice? Describe why you feel that is the case.

I would consider my service of choice to be motion design. Ever since I was little I have been captivated by video editing especially in television and movies. So ever since then I thought I would go into the film industry but I quickly realized that I did not fully want to do the side of films that included directing, screenwriting, and especially not acting. I knew I still wanted to be a part of video entertainment so I then looked into animation. Animation fascinated me but I still thought I had not found what I actually wanted to do. Finally, I discovered digital design and within that motion design. I believe digital motion design is my medium and service of choice because it is still tied to my original dreams. It has the editing component of films and TV while also still giving the designer the ability to tell a story. 

What kind of skills, aptitudes, and abilities are current jobs in your field requiring, and how do you think your skills align with them?

Skills, Aptitudes, and Abilities 

  • Communication 
  • Formal training in design/art
  • Skills in Adobe products
  • Professional portfolio
  • Strong customer service
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 1-3 years’ experience preferred or entry level
  • Creative storytelling
  • Understanding of foundational design elements

I am still working on accomplishing some of the skills required for some of the jobs I found when searching for current jobs in my field of choice but I do have a good understanding of the other requirements thanks to school classes and customer service work. Overall it seems like the aptitudes that most jobs are looking for is a motion designer who is constantly pushing themselves and the team around them to improve and learn, while still finding joy in their work. That is what I want to do, consistently improve my skills and learn. 


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Thinking about after you graduate, what would you (either as a freelancer, employee, or business owner) offer that no one else in your market can? What would be your brand’s unique value proposition?

I think that I should be creating work that is truly geared towards the audience experience and create memorable, thought provoking pieces. We should value designing with empathy and emotion. My experience in other aspects in design besides motion could also give me a leg up when compared to other motion designers who have only studied motion. Show that pre-production is just as important as post production. That you should rely on clear storytelling and strong ideas. 

Ideally, what kind of clients/industries would you like to serve and work with, and why?  

The industries I would love to work with would be Elastic, Imaginary Forces, Shine Studio, Giant Ant, and Oddfellows. I would like to work for these places because their work inspires me and they seem like they would be great places to work. I would love to be a part of a team that creates the great motion graphics seen on their websites. These studios work on multiple motion projects from title sequences to advertisements. No matter where I end up I hope to continue to learn and advance my skills and career. I also hope to work for a company that values their employees as well as their clients.

Elastic – 

Imaginary Forces – 

Shine Studio – 

Giant Ant – 

Oddfellows – 

Through your research create a list of the kinds of problems you are most interested in addressing after you graduate and why?

  1. How to tell a captivating story through motion
  2. Bring awareness to problems in society
  3. How to use motion to captivate a users wants (target a person’s problem)
  4. How to capture an emotion 

I do not know if this would be considered a good list of problems to address after I graduate because problems can change. They arise in any situation and can be unique to different audiences. Overall, I would like to help enhance people’s engagement to motion design. Help tell stories that connect to the audience. 

Based on your research, what attributes and services do you think you would need to offer to be competitive in your envisioned marketplace?

After doing research, I think that the attributes or services that I would need to offer would be good communication skills. If you are not good at communicating your ideas or thoughts then you may never succeed. You are the one who studied design, so if your client has not and is telling you to design something you know is wrong, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion in a nice, easy to understand way. I think it will also be helpful to have an understanding of emotions because if you can convey an emotion in any design work, especially motion, you will be able to create work that can connect to the audience in a more thought provoking way. If you can capture someone’s attention in the first couple of seconds they are more likely to watch the whole piece. I also believe that I am a great team player which will be important in my envisioned marketplace as most motion pieces are made with a team and if you are not great with collaboration or teamwork you will not succeed. I am eager to continuously learn, ask questions, be collaborative, professional, productive and passionate. 

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