Primary-interests and Goals

Top Five Values

  1.  Loyalty 
  2.  Accountability 
  3.  Reliability 
  4.  Teamwork
  5.  Positivity 

Defining Values

*Score = 1 indicates you are really not really living this value and 5 indicates that you live this value so consistently you could be the poster child of it.  

Loyalty to me means that you follow through with what you say you will do. Just like a loyal friend has your back and makes you feel like you can tell them anything. It is a commitment that you made to someone else and if you break that commitment it will make you seem disloyal. To me it means that you won’t stab your friend in the back even if it helps your own personal gain. Score – 3

Accountability to me is all about clarity and taking ownership. When you take ownership then you can correct mistakes you make along the way rather than blame someone else and nothing gets fixed. It means you accept responsibility for a project or even a task. It is the ability to honor your commitments. Score – 3

Reliability means that I can count on them to be there when needed and is willing to help. If you’re reliable, everything will seem to fall in place. It also means they are trustworthy and you don’t have to worry about them going back on their word. Score – 5

I feel like teamwork should almost mean the same to everyone. Being a good team player and working well together can make a team accomplish great things. The interests of the team should come first. It is the willingness of a group of people to work together to achieve a common aim. Score – 4

Positivity is just how it sounds, happy. Don’t bring down the people around you with a negative attitude. However it does not mean that you have to be happy and agree all the time, it means that you should be supportive of others and bring enthusiasm to their day. As positivity is contagious and boosts the happiness, productivity, and creativity of those around us. Score – 4

Are you living in alignment? I believe that I am living in alignment with most of my top values but values also change over time. What I think are my top values now might not be later in my life. 

Are you making choices that build your life around what’s important to you? I believe most of the choices I make are based around what is most important to me but I have also never sat down to think about what is most important to me. My values I believe are important because everytime I have a conflict with someone it usually has to do with my values. They crossed a line somewhere even if I do not know for sure what it was. 

Taking charge 

Out of all my Values I would say the ones that are the most critical to my success and happiness would be ‘Accountability’ and ‘Positivity’. I choose these two because I feel like I do not use them nearly as much as I should in my current educational and professional plan. I need to challenge myself to be more positive and not let my mind get the better of me thinking that it might be too much or that I can’t do it. If I try and keep a more positive attitude and accept accountability for my mistakes I will hopefully be more successful and feel more accomplished. 

A plan I could utilize during my thesis to bring these values back into focus is to be supportive of my fellow classmates and friends. For accountability I could show my progress more to get honest feedback so that I can correct mistakes I make along the way early rather than blame someone else and nothing gets fixed. This all starts however with me figuring out exactly what I want to do and what I am passionate about.

Pursue Your Passions

What would I do with my life if money weren’t an issue?

What I have always dreamed about doing with my life if money was not any issue was traveling the world and seeing as much as I could while capturing the experiences along the way. I would want to not care about having to work and just enjoy everything.

What are my favorite activities?

My favorite activities would have to be photography, travel, video games, and tv/movies.

What type of people am I drawn to?

I feel as though I am drawn to people who are extroverts. I consider myself an introvert and some of my favorite people that I have been drawn to and become friends with help me step out of my comfort zone and have stood up for me when I have been too shy to do so. They also help me feel more comfortable around them, giving me the courage to be myself and not as introverted. I am also drawn to people who are willing to listen and have an open mind. 

What kind of stories in the news always capture my interest?

This is kind of hard to answer as I don’t always watch the news on TV. I usually get news through social media and on my laptop. However the news that I think always captures my interest is news about TV shows and movies.

Passions and day-to-day activities 

Was there a common thread across my responses?

  • Enjoy the day, tell a story, never be afraid to learn as much as you can about the world around you. 

Why do I love what I love? 

I think the reason why I am passionate about these things is that it feels like a form of escape from the world. These things and activities can help tell a story whether that be fiction or nonfiction. It makes me happy to see the world in a different more beautiful way through a camera or on a screen. 

Which of your underlying passions are most important to you?

I think my most important underlying passion would be to see the world in new and creative ways. To tell stories and learn more, so that I can create my next great design. 


What has been important to you while pursuing your degree?

What has been important to me is learning as much as I can about the medium I love to create in and enjoy what I do. It is like a behind the scenes tour. I want to be able to create and design something I am proud of. 

Who is on this educational journey with you?

The people who I would have to say are most on this educational journey with me are my fellow classmates. We all have different passions and are skilled in different aspects of design but we are all in this journey together. There may be times when we struggle and times where we succeed, but I hope we will all be there for each other to help accomplish our educational goals. We are all in the same boat. The teachers also play a big role, they want to see you succeed and are there to help.On the other hand, I believe my biggest support system on my educational journey would be my family. They will always be here for the good times and the bad.

What are you doing that fuels your passion?

I am taking classes more geared towards my passions and getting outside to clear my head and capture memories. I am always looking at the world around me for inspiration and trying to learn how different designs and images were created. This fuels my passion because I hope that one day I will be able to make designs as good as the ones that inspire me. 

What are you working toward, and/or what have you accomplished that gives you a sense of purpose?

Like above I want to work towards being able to make designs as good as the ones that inspire me and want to be able to enjoy what I create. I have accomplished some of this through previous projects and by working with others but I still feel like there is always room for improvement when it comes to my skills. That is why it gives me a sense of purpose as I can always learn more.

Where are you headed after graduation?

To be honest I have not thought about where I am headed after graduation. It is almost scary to think about. At the moment all I know is that I would love a job in motion design that values their employees and the projects they create. 


Short term

  1. Advance my skills in motion design 
  2. Create a thesis project I am proud of and graduate
  3. Become more confident when speaking in front of strangers.
  4. Look into internships in motion design

Mid Term

  1. Refine and create a more professional resume
  2. Look into jobs that are associated with the field of design I would want to work in.
  3.  Have an internship that helps advance my skills and prepare for a job.

Long Term 

  1.  Working at a job with reasonable benefits that makes me happy
  2.  Learn more about the world around me and never stop being excited to learn new skills.
  3.  Continue to build my portfolio with client work

Based on your current situation, what does your career progression look like? Does it reflect the skills you’ve acquired? 

Based on my current situation, my career progression reflects the skills I have acquired. I still have much I can learn and my skills can always be improved. I will need to start small and continue to develop my skills as I move up in the world. I also need to remember to never lose sight of my values and that values can change over time. 

What motivates you towards your envisioned career path?

What motivates me is my family and the idea of working towards a life that is happy and comfortable. I do not want to be stuck at a boring desk job where I do not like the work I am doing. I want to enjoy life and make my family proud. 

What are your short, mid, and long-term professional goals?

Short term – To graduate college with a degree in design so that I can do what I love but also gain more confidence in what I create.

Mid term – Get a job or internship in motion design and be able to create great professional projects for clients. 

Long term – Have a happy and healthy career in design, and to either work on a well known design team or become well known individually. 

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