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How can you leverage your thesis to set the foundation for your short, mid, and long-term goals?

My thesis can set the foundation for my goals. As your thesis becomes a reflection of what you would want to do once you graduate, I can use it to develop my skills and confidence, while also discovering what I am passionate about in the field of design. 

If your goals involve additional education or professional experience (masters, internship, certifications, etc.), consider what that would entail and how long they would take to obtain. 

One way to achieve professional experience would entail reaching out to people already in the field of expertise I want to pursue and try to establish a relationship where they could help answer questions I have about the field. It will take time to establish a relationship with any potential mentor and they have to be willing to be a mentor. I know that when reaching out to any potential mentor I will have to stay positive, patient, and professional. Professional experience could also be accomplished with internships and additional design classes. With each opportunity to gain additional education and professional experience, it takes time, patience, and practice. 

If you need to build your skillset, how can you utilize your thesis and continue to learn after graduation? 

I can use it as a way to challenge myself and improve my skills. It can help build my confidence as well as it can help me improve my communication skills. No one knows everything and everybody can always learn something new while improving their skill sets. That is why this thesis will help me learn more about design. It will also inform me about what I want to do and help me learn about it now and after graduation. 

Specify the known obstacles that stand between you and reaching your short, mid, and long term goals.  

I think my biggest obstacle would be that I tend to overthink things and sike myself out, making myself believe that I can’t do something or don’t have enough time to complete. This also causes me to be more stressed than I should be. I have to learn to not overthink things so much and just try to stay positive. I need to accept that it is possible to fail but that should not be the end of the world. I need to learn from my mistakes and pick myself up. Other obstacles that could stand in my way would be my public speaking skills and confidence. In the end I think most of my obstacles steam from fear. Fear I will fail or not complete what I say I will. A fear of embarrassment. 


  1. Books
  2. Instructional videos
  3. Webinars 
  4. Past design teachers
  5. Student peers
  6. Mentors
  7. Classes 
  8. Networks and Forums 


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