I think that the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the world is insane and kind of scary. It is constantly changing and spreading. It also seems like there is so much fake news about it spreading around that is causing paranoia. It is dangerous as it spreads really easily but the death rate is stated to only be about 3% and you are at greater risk of dying if over the age of 60. So still being a college student and living at home I was more scared, that if I did get this virus, of getting my parents infected especially my dad who already has a respiratory condition that would not do well if he got it.

How this pandemic has affected my life as a digital design student at the moment is that all classes have now transferred to be online to keep people self quarantined at home, even if you don’t have it, to stop the spread of this virus. At first I was kind of excited for this, no more riding of the light rail 2 hours a day to get to and from school but we are at the end of the first week of online classes and I realize how much I liked in person classes. The interaction with fellow classmates, friends, and teachers were what made getting through classes fun and in my opinion made learning the material easier. There are so many distractions at home and being stuck at home with family can get annoying being with them 24 / 7 when all you want to do is be alone or hang out with people your own age. Interactions with other people has been reduced to text messages and video calls. Snapchat has also been useful with keeping in touch with younger cousins. This makes it not as bad but the more the quarantine goes on the more I want classes to go back to in person and the more I just want to hang out with my friends in person again.

The classes that I did have in person that I now have online, I am grateful that they are still trying to do them live over Zoom calls. It helps with social interaction while still doing social distancing. Talking to students and the teacher live also helps keep my mind on track when it comes to school work. It was always easy for me to have one class online per semester but having them all online is insane and stressful. I find myself checking my school websites and email way more than usual to make sure I am not missing anything important. To finish this semester all online will definitely be a test to see how self motivated I am. Even if it is difficult, I will try my best to keep on track and to complete school work in a timely manner because I know that this social distancing and self quarantine is very important for us to flatten the curve, slow the spread, and get on top of this virus.

I want to end this post with a motivational post I saw online that is circling around the internet. As if we all do our part we can save lives and try to get ahead of the situation we are all in.


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